2-year iqamas likely for expats in ‘green’ firms

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    ‏مئی 11, 2009
    Tuesday 7 May 2013

    The Labor Ministry is considering granting employees in some companies residency permits for two years, thereby making an exception to a decision issued earlier regarding renewing residence permits on an annual basis.
    Speaking to Arab News, Mohammad Al-Asmari, adviser to the labor minister, said: “No official statement has been issued in this regard yet. However, the move to grant two-year work permits to companies in the green and platinum zones, aims to help and encourage firms cooperating with ministry’s nationalization plans.”
    He indicated that the companies that increase the Saudization percentage would be given more privileges, and regulations would be eased for them.
    Meanwhile, Ahmad Al-Humeidan, secretary-general for Workers Affairs at the ministry, said a decision has been taken to reconsider renewing work permits every two years instead of annually.
    The ministry and the Public Directorate of Passports are currently undertaking a study, Al-Humeidan revealed. However, he did not specify when the results would be finalized and announced. He had earlier admitted to another local newspaper that many sectors are suffering from restrictions on recruitment of foreign labor and residency permits, especially in construction, operation and maintenance sectors, adding that it is not possible to immediately nationalize all professions.
    Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry urged all violators of residency law to take advantage of the three-month grace period granted by the king and correct their status.
    The ministry warned that both the employer and the employee would be subject to set penalties if found violating the rules and regulations after the grace period.

    2-year iqamas likely for expats in ‘green’ firms | ArabNews

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