Allah's Rope

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    Jul 14, 2014
    I wrote this poem in the first quarter of 2013


    I trusted them, and hurt I got

    What happened was what I hadn’t thought

    Afraid I got, more, day by day

    Things don’t just go the way you plan

    But what was wrong, where did I lack

    What is it I can’t understand

    The day then came, alone I was

    No one to tell me what was right

    Where were the people I had met

    This darkness really gives a fright

    That’s who we are, humans, we’re strange

    Putting our trust in mortal beings

    A walking dummy, just made of clay

    Who ends up being castaway

    I turned myself away from them

    On whom do I now put my trust

    The friendship that seemed iron-strong

    The shortest time, it took to rust

    But then I saw, a hope there was

    Which could bring out the best in me

    Why did I not see it before

    How lost I was in fantasy

    That, which a mountain could not take

    We took it and we then forgot

    What honor was given to us

    And how we kept it far apart

    Is this it that I need in life

    Was I missing this all that time

    The messed up thoughts all in my head

    Suddenly starting to make a rhyme…

    Holding to strings society sets

    How wrong I was to drift away

    They only need you for some time

    And after that you’re thrown away

    I then went back to search the truth

    Everything started to come together

    Stopped worrying of what is in this world

    Started worrying of what is forever

    The trust I needed, I now have

    It makes me strong, it gives me hope

    True love is the reward I get

    I now hold firmly Allah’s rope

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  2. dani

    dani نوآموز.

    Oct 16, 2009
    Ma sha Allah captivating
    Carry on brother
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